I’ve always wanted to visit New Orleans. And while I’m a little more ambivalent about visiting Miami, I’m certainly not against the idea. Both are wellsprings of culture, offering unique perspectives on the American experience. If I’m to visit either city, however, I’d better hurry.

Both are predicted to be under the sea in less than a decade. 

Let that sink in, won’t you? Rather, let yourself sink into it. Let yourself go there, to that dark moment – in just a few short years – when the last stragglers of an urban populace have been shepherded away (permanently, since there’ll be no rebuilding with this one), their city now a drop in the vast and toxic Atlantic.   

It sounds far-fetched, I know. Many things sound far-fetched. And then they happen. 

This blog is not about climate change, per se. It is about collective ignorance and skewed priorities, flawed thinking and personal responsibility. Here I attempt to reconcile the unreconcilable – the mammoth questions of how. How do we, as intelligent human beings, deal with the hoards of masses who vote with their genitals? How do we avoid the enticements of technology long enough to view them critically? How do we finally face the many crushing realities of the present and still lift our heads from our pillows in the morning? 

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